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Auto Blueberry

Type: Ruderalis Hybrid
Yield: Medium to Heavy
Flowering Time Required: between 40 and 47 days;
Cross: Canadian Ruderalis x Blueberry
Bred by: Dutch Passion
The Auto Blueberry strain of marijuana is bred by Dutch Passion. She offers superior medical-grade quality bud development in a feminized, auto-flowering cannabis strain that is truly one of the greats. She isn't highly potent, with clinical analysis reports showing 11.02% THC, 1.29% CBD and 0.48% CBN. However, she is beautiful and has become one of the best sellers of all times for the breeder. As an auto-flowerer, she's not dependent upon any particular photoperiod. That means big savings on electricity bills. Also, she's fast! She will go from seed to harvest in just about 10 weeks. She requires only about six weeks for flowering.

Outdoors cannabis gardeners can get in three full crops of Auto Blueberry cannabis per year, especially in Mediterranean climates. And of course, multiple crops are far more manageable when you cultivate your marijuana indoors. Auto Blueberry is a cosmopolitan strain known for her excellent quality and Canadian Ruderalis harvest speeds. The color, aroma, taste and appearance of Auto Blueberry cannabis is all about the blueberry. Very distinctive blueberry characteristics will be exhibited. Additionally, you will experience little variation in phenotypes. Gorgeous, sweet and moderately potent, the Auto Blueberry strain of marijuana awaits your consumption right now.