Learn how to make money online in 10 easy steps


Anyone can make money online. Even kids! CashCrate allows anyone 13 years old or over to sign up.

You never have to buy anything or pay for anything. It's easy money!!!

1) Start up a new email address just for working with CashCrate. (Google GMail is best).

2) Get a free phone number from Google Voice or MagicJack. (DON”T use your personal phone).

3) IMPORTANT! After getting your new email address and a phone number, return to this website and click on my personal banner. Here it is:



4) Fill out all information to sign up for CashCrate (use your new email address and phone number).

5) Check your email to confirm account. If you can’t find it, look in Spam folder.

6) Clicking "Confirm" will take you to CashCrate's "Offers" page.

7) Where it says “Show: All Offer”, click on “100% Free”. Where it says “Sort by”, leave it on “Ratings”.

8) Just pick one of the offers in the list and answer all questions.

9) When it tells you to “Pick 2 Silver Offers” or “Pick 3 Gold offers” or whatever, just click on the ad then close the ads. You don’t have to fill it out. Always click on “Next” or “Continue” until you reach “Finish”.

10) When you finish, go back to CashCrate Offers page and click on “Submit”.

Then find another offer in the list and do it again!

THAT’S IT! That’s how easy it is to make money! Ask me
questions if you have any. Remember that you must sign up by clicking on my banner above or we won't be able to communicate.