My impression about St. Marienthal 2012?

Kasia, Poland : People here are very friendly, and this is a great opportunity to meet other people from different countries and cultures.

Ginevra, Italy: I am here for the second time and nothing has changed, except that this year I am in short film workshop. I am happy to be here again and to meet new people.

Alva, Sweden: I like it here. This is a really nice and beautiful place and the food here is good, though breakfast and dinner is different than in Sweden.

Amanda, Latvia: I am here for the second time and everything is the same as last year. The only thing that has changed, is my choice of workshop. But anyway, this is a great experience for me, and I have met many new people from other European countries.

Cesare, Italy : It is good and useful to know people from other countries.

Teacher Santa, Latvia : I am happy that my students are satisfied with this project. And it is a good thing that the student groups,that have came here, are prepared to introduce others with their culture and country.

Teacher Fabrizio, Italy : This is not my first time here. I am very happy because I see new people and we get on well together.

Teacher Carola, Germany : The atmosphere here is wonderful, and I enjoy working here. I love the chance to try out new things - filming, composing music etc., and I love the building and the food.

Teacher Karina, Poland : This is my 6th time here and it always gets better. Every year is fantastic, warm, familiar atmosphere, everyone is very creative. We are crossing all borders- religion, language. We are all together, no matter where we come from.

Teacher Ada, Poland : The atmosphere here is great. This year people got together very quickly. And we all are happy and excited.