Through her art practice, Nathalie Lavoie seeks to establish a relationship to the world by way of the immediacy and duration of creative action. Her action modes are primarily made up of repetitive and precise gestures expressed in black ink and presented as instructions. The measure of these procedures is carried out either in terms of a space or a preestablished duration. Moreover, these repetitive actions are brought together as a series that, despite following the same instruction, exhibit variations. All in all, the work makes visible the aesthetic experiences provided by the material traces of the gesture that is linked to the immanent time of the artist’s stream of consciousness.

Furthermore, photographs and videos of the gesture are presented as works in their own right. And the artist’s presence is closely associated with the work in progress. These procedures make it possible to come into contact with oneself, the other, the observed phenomena and the creative process.

Nathalie Lavoie holds MFA and has also studied anthropology and psychology. Here works have been shown in solo shows in Toronto, Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal and Saguenay, as well as in many group exhibitions. Her residencies in various places in Canada, France and Chile enable her to pursue her research abroad. She lives and works in Saguenay