The Henry Sibley High School Boys & Girls Track & Field teams are hosting a fundraiser event, The Mariella Mile, in honor of West Saint Paul's Mariella Francesca Lucio-Thomas to benefit the 5p- Society (five p minus) and the MN Children’s Hospitals & Clinics Genetics Department.
The Mariella Mile will be a running event at Henry Sibley High School 
in Mendota Heights with several different races to accommodate all levels of competition (including an abbreviated mile "Diaper Dash" for the little kids!).  There will be event t-shirts, a prize raffle and also information to raise awareness of 5p- (aka Cat Cry Syndrome or Cri du Chat).
The honoree, Mariella Francesca Lucio-Thomas, was born with 5p- in June of 2010.  She is an inspirational little girl with an infectious smile.
The proceeds from this event will be donated to the two organizations that have had a significant impact on Mariella and her family's lives: the 5p- Society and the MN Children’s Hospitals & Clinics Genetics Department.  Please follow this link for information regarding each of these organizations.
Please join us on June 11th at the 2017 Mariella Mile!  Support of any kind would be greatly appreciated!