5p- Society
The 5p- Society (five p minus), a not-for-profit corporation, is the parent support group for families having a child with 5p- Syndrome, also known as Cat Cry Syndrome or Cri du Chat Syndrome. The mission of this society is to encourage and facilitate communication among families having a child with 5p- Syndrome and to spread awareness and education of the syndrome to these families and their service providers. It was founded in 1986 by parents of children with 5p- Syndrome, with the intent of spreading information about the syndrome to other families, and providing the opportunity to meet and share common experiences. The organization has only one paid staff member and relies on the donation of its members time and money to exist. Current membership is over 800 families.
MN Children’s Hospitals & Clinics Genetics Department
Children’s genetics clinic is one of the largest in the region, providing 2,000 patient visits per year to children and teens from Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Michigan, and Nebraska. We care for children with genetic conditions, adults whose conditions originated in childhood, and families with a history of pediatric genetic issues. Our program’s size and dedicated administrative staff allow us to see most new patients within six weeks. Children’s is the only genetics clinic in Minnesota with a focus on clinical care of pediatric patients and conditions.