Talking Avatar (Mini Project)

In the first week of school in my  Spanish II classes and above (Spanish III, IV) my students are going to create a talking Avatar and introduce themselves using Spanish. This technology tool (Voki)  provides my students with the opportunity to speak in Spanish in a way that they will find engaging and motivating. Students will be excited to create a talking Avatar in which they can practice their Spanish speaking and pronunciation skills. Also, students will enjoy talking about themselves because students are usually more involved in an activity when the activity involves them. Furthermore,  students can play their Avatar and hear themselves speaking in Spanish which will help build their Spanish speaking skills confidence because they have proof in their talking Avatars that they were able to speak Spanish for a period of time without stopping. By creating a talking Avatar speaking in Spanish is no longer stressful or nerve-racking for students. Also, I have the opportunity to better assess my students speaking and pronunciation skills because I have a recording of them speaking in Spanish. 

This is an example I will show my students. Here is the Avatar I created to introduce myself in Spanish

Google Page: Sobre Mi (This is the paragraph I wrote using Google documents introducing myself in Spanish before I recored my voice. Students will post their paragraphs to this Google document as well) 

This activity aligns with the following Virginia SOLs: Spanish II (SII.5), Spanish III (SIII.4), and Spanish IV (SIV.4). As the level of Spanish increases the complexity and the length requirements for this assignment will increase as well. For example, Spanish IV students are required to describe themselves more thoroughly than Spanish II students. 

To view my lesson plan where I have incorporated this activity for my Spanish III students please click on the  link below or the pink arrow below. This lesson plan aligns with the Virginia SOL Spanish III (SIII.4). 

This project falls in the Standards matrix ISTE NETS standard 2, InTASC standard 4

Mariela Goins,
Mar 27, 2013, 7:29 PM