Comic Book (Mini Project)


I created a comic book in Spanish about a student's daily routine, La rutina diaria de Tommy (Tommy's daily routine) as an example for my students because they will be creating their own Spanish comic books. Creating  a comic book using Comic Life 2 is a fun and engaging activity where my students can practice their Spanish writing and speaking skills.This activity will be appealing to my students because they will create a comic book  where they will describe their daily routines and find or draw images that match their descriptions. From experience I know students enjoy talking about themselves which makes the learning and application more pleasant for them. In addition, when my students create comic books in Spanish it allows me to asses them in a variety of ways since  my students will be writing sentences and short paragraphs in Spanish, they will be reading another classmate's Spanish comic book and they will present their comic books to the class using Spanish. 

I plan for my students to create many comic books using Comic Life 2 to help them practice their Spanish writing and speaking skills.  For example, when my students are learning the Spanish past tense they can create comic books using only the past tense. 

To view my lesson plan where I have incorporated this activity for my Spanish II students please click on the first link below or the first pink arrow. This lesson aligns with the Spanish 2 (SII.5) Virginia SOL. 

To view my comic book about La rutina diaria de Tommy (Tommy's daily routine) please click on the second link or second pink arrow below. Once you open the PDF file to view the comic book if you need to please use the zoom in or zoom out tools located at the top left corner of your screen. 

This project falls in the Standards matrix ISTE NETS standard 1, InTASC standard 4

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Mar 27, 2013, 12:14 PM
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