Welcome to the Marie Curie IAPP EPICstent Consortium

EPICstent is a Marie Curie FP7-funded consortium dedicated to the development of novel cardiovascular stents through surface biofunctionalisation.

Overview of the Consortium

The EPICstent work programme was funded under the Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) programme (call identifier FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IAPP) in August 2012. EPICstent consists of three academic institutions and a MNC with complementary expertise in materials synthesis and (bio)functionalisation, manufacturing technology and clinical cardiology. The objectives of the joint work programme encompass both "S&T" and human potential, as detailed below. In the former category, the broad goal is to develop biocompatible and bioactive nano-engineered cardiovascular stents by surface modification with human antibodies. In the latter, EPICstent will provide industry-relevant, inter-sectoral training to newly hired and existing researchers through a network of secondments between Partners and an extensive transfer of knowledge programme.

Project Objectives

The specific objectives of the EPICstent work programme are to:
  • Foster exchange of knowledge and scientific capabilities between the European medical devices and biomaterials industry and academic researchers.
  • Create a highly skilled researcher cohort with capabilities relevant to the European medical devices sector.
  • Utilise protein engineering and materials chemistry techniques to develop biofunctionalised stent-like surfaces with improved in vitro and in vivo properties.
  • Manufacture and evaluate a functionalised stent prototype for development into a clinical product with significant economic and societal impacts.