Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (ZAS)                                                                                                                                                                                            
Schützenstraße 18, R. 406
10117 Berlin


My research focus is in formal and experimental pragmatics
and semantics and its interfaces.


I am a post-doctoral researcher based at ZAS and member
of the XPrag.de project Strength of Scalar Implicatures.

Hebrew University

Before joining ZAS I was a post-doctoral fellow 
at the Language, Logic and Cognition Center  
at the Hebrew University Jerusalem.


I received my PhD in linguistics from MIT in 2013, 
with a specialization in semantics and psycholinguistics.

Tübingen & Berlin

Prior to that I studied philosophy and linguistics 
at Tübingen University and Humboldt University Berlin.

Current and Upcoming

I am currently teaching Experimental Pragmatics
at Humboldt University.
Here is my class page on Piazza!

The three most recent talks I gave:

At Sinn und Bedeutung 21 I gave a talk on how prosody
influences the computation of (embedded) implicatures

At NELS 47 Uli Sauerland and I presented our joint work
on the syntax of Free Choice disjunctions and ATB-movement
of modals

At MIT's Exhaustivity Workshop I argued that grammatical epistemic implicatures are the only way to be a true Gricean. 
Danny Fox's comments on my talk can be found here.


I was co-organizer (with Guillermo Del Pinal
and Daniel Rothschild) of the
Dynamic Semantics workshop at ZAS (May 30-31, 2016).

Recent Papers

"An Apple or a Pear: Free Choice Disjunction"
under review for Wiley's Semantics Companion, edited by
L. Matthewson, C. Meier, H. Rullmann, and T.E. Zimmermann

"Redundancy and Embedded Exhaustification"
Proceedings of SALT 25 (2015): 491-511.
doi: 10.3765/salt.v25i0.3486

"Generalized Free Choice and Missing Alternatives"
Journal of Semantics (2015): online first, accessed Nov 4, 2015.

"Deriving Hurford's Constraint"
Proceedings of SALT 24 (2014): 577-596.
doi: 10.3765/salt.v24i0.2518


"Ignorance and Grammar"
Doctoral Dissertation
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
September 2013
(chair: Irene Heim)

Some Talks

Covert Across-the-Board Movement Revisited

(with Uli Sauerland)


UMass Amherst

Oct 2016


Intonation and Local Weakening Implicatures

Sinn und Bedeutung 21

University of Edinburgh

Sept 2016


Symmetry, Pruning, and Brevity

Disjunction Days

ZAS Berlin

June 2016


Redundancy and Embedded Exhaustification*

MIT LingLunch 

June 2015

*(differs from SALT 25 talk)


More than "At Least"

(with Clemens Mayr)

ROSE project workshop

Utrecht University

Sep 2014


Contrastive Topic Intonation: An Empirical Evaluation

(with T. Gibson and E. Fedorenko)

86th Annual Meeting of the LSA

Jan 2012