Maria A. Zuluaga

About me

Since Oct. 2017, I am leading the exploratory research group within the AI Research department of Amadeus. I work on the cross-roads of machine learning, data mining, software engineering, within the travel industry.

Before Amadeus, I was a Senior Research Associate at University College London (2012-2016) and a post-doctoral fellow at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (2011-2012) in Grenoble, France. My work here was related to medical image computing.

I have a PhD in Engineering from Université Claude Bernard Lyon I and an MSc in Computer Science from Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia).

An up to date list of publications can be found in my Google Scholar. You can also obtain them from my CV.


15-11-2018: Paper accepted in IEEE Big Data: Renaudie et al. Benchmarking Anomaly Detection Algorithms in an Industrial Context: Dealing with Scarce Labels and Multiple Positive Types

01-10-2018: I will be speaking at Meilleur Developpeur de France about our research on AI

20-08-2018: I will be co-sharing with B Khanal (KCL) a special session on Global Healthcare: Imaging for developing countries during ISBI 2019

13-08-2018: Paper accepted in RecTour 2018 as part of ACM RecSys: Mottini et al. Understanding Customer Choices to Improve Recommendations in the Travel Industry

19-07-2018: Paper accepted in IEEE TMI: Moriconi el al. Inference of Cerebrovascular Topology with Geodesic Minimum Spanning Trees