International Business


Course description        

1.            International business in the international environment

2.            Culture as a basic phenomena of international business

3.            International trade theories

4.            International management

5.            International marketing

6.            Multinational enterprises

7.            Law influencing international business

8.            Implementing international strategies

9.            New product development in international business

10.          International business and Corporate Social Responsibility 


The course focuses on the international business environment and examines the influence of cultural and ethical systems, as well as legal and political differences on global decision-making in business.

International business is best learned through analysing general principles and applying them to different sets of problems therefore discussion in class is critical as well as understanding the studied material so class participation will be an element of the final grade. 


After completing the course students should be able to:

-              discuss and assess the impact of globalisation on business,

-              understand the influence of cultural differences on global company activities,

-              analyse factors that create international business opportunities,

-              notice social, cultural and legal influences of global business activities,

-              analyse  marketing issues associated with global business.