Ingénierie de l'innovation

The lecturer will be present at IFE (teacher's room) on Wednesday 7 February 10:00-11:00.
10-23 February the lecturer will NOT be available!



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Innovation becomes ever more important in today’s increasingly global and knowledge-based economy.  Competitive advantage depends, to a far larger extent today than in the past, on the ability of companies to meet changing market needs quickly and efficiently through the application of new technology. The capacity to assimilate and apply new knowledge in order to improve productivity and create new products and services relies on science and entrepreneurship.  It is also affected by conditions which permit, encourage and sustain innovative creativity and investment, or which impede and limit it.

Searching for a breakthrough idea is becoming a key management issue. Financing those ideas is a problem that faces almost each company that want to keep a competitive advantage and continue to grow as a vital element of the innovation system fuelling growth is the supply of finance. 

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