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Law is best learned through analyzing legal principles and applying them to different sets of problems.  Discussion in class is critical as well as understanding the studied material that is why presence and class participation will be an important element of the final grade.  One absence will not be considered in the final grade but systematic presence will be awarded as well as absences penalised.  This will be done by raising or lowering the final grade by 0.5.
Part of the grade (30 %) will be an essay on a chosen topic.  This will be individual work. A full grade may only be given to those that hand in a printed version of their work as well as the electronic form .  
A quiz will count for 20% of the final grade and will be done tutorials at an unspecified date therefore following lectures is required during the whole semester.  
There is also a final exam at the end of the semester.

The valuation of the grades is as follows:

Quiz      20 %
Essay    30 %

Final quiz    50 %
TOTAL    100 %


The course is given for 15 weeks.  Classes will be given once a week for two “academic” hours.  This will usually mean 45 min of lecture or 45 min of tutorials, when exercises, class discussions, case study, etc. will take place.  Students are required to read, and think seriously about, all assigned materials before class, to ask and answer questions in class, and to take an active, constructive role in creating an environment of intellectual inquiry.  They are not expected to learn all what is in the assigned reading before the lecture but to be ready to discuss the matter, ask questions or criticise.



During the course students will be asked to read assigned material or find certain regulations of law.  This will be assigned approx. a week before the deadline.

Basic reference materials:

 -    Polish Constitution
    -    Polish Civil Code
    -    Polish Labour Code
    -    Polish Code of Commercial Companies

Other reference materials:

-    Act on Commercial Liberty
    -    Law  on Bankruptcy and Reorganisation

Basic Recommended reading:

- Maria Woźniak, Polish Economic and Labour Law for Business Students, Wydawnictwo Politechniki Łódzkiej, Łódź 2012
- Anna Wyrozumska, Introduction to Polish Law, Łódź University Press, Łódź 2005
- Wojciech J. Katner (editor), Podstawy prawa cywilnego i handlowego dla  ekonomistów, Arche s.c., Gdańsk 2003 (In Polish)
- Wojciech Siuda, Elementy Prawa dla Ekonomistów, wyd. XVI, Scriptum,
Poznań 2002  (in Polish)