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To your Left you can go to some nice sited to view. They will have some good advice about security. To your right you may proceed to checking out some great software.

Tip: If you want to view a new page in a different link provided your web browser has tabbing, use the middle button on your mouse, in most cases that would be the little wheel when clinking on a link instead of the left button. If you don't have a middle button (wheel) then click on the link with the right button and select either open in new tab, or new window depending on you preferences.

Gibson Research Corporation's (GRC) is a security website that everyone should check out, they provide a great deal of small security tools that are free to use. Shields UP! is a site that is a part of GRC, it is a reliable and trustworthy, free Internet Security checkup service. It checks your File Share, and scan your port to see if there are any open ports, these are just to give a basic understanding of what to expect.

Panda Security is one of the best Internet Security programs that you will come across, Outpost currently holds the status of the top firewall.

~Special Note: I am really into the Japanese Animation~

Under the Review section Anime; the site has the best Anime reviews and information.

Anime Castle is the best site to purchase, Japanimation (Anime), Anime merchandise such as: posters, action figures, etc., Japanese treats; candies, Ramune (which is really neat), snacks, etc., and even Weapons; Asian, European, and even fantasy weapons. There is a great deal more so just check it out and enjoy!

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You may also lookup different IP Addresses if you like.

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