Maria Pérez-Ugena

Associate Professor of Constitutional Law

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid

curriculum vitae

Maria Perez-Ugena is an Associate Professor of Law (with tenure) at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid (Spain)  She focuses on Constitutional Law, Gender, Media, Public Interest, and Public Opinion, European Union, Legal Development, and Arbitration. She was formerly a Fellow of the European University Institute (Italy) and at Harvard University’s European Law Research Center. She also was a Visiting Researcher at Tulane University Law School, Pepperdine University Law School, and Regensburg University Law School (Germany).

Currently, she participates in several research projects (1) Gender focus on the development of women political candidates in Mauritania (with financial support from the Madrid Regional Government), (2) Media, Public Interest, and Public Opinion from a comparative perspective between EU-USA (with financial support from RCC at Harvard U). (3) The meaning of political governmental acts in different European countries (with financial support from the Madrid Regional Government).

Formerly, Professor Pérez-Ugena was a principal researcher on financial projects related to Interactive digital TV and to the influence of the development of technologies on human rights.

Since 1994, she has published several books and articles in technical reviews about Constitutional Law, law and telecommunication (data protection, human rights and new technologies), European Constitution and recently about gender politics.



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