Mariano Rodriguez Muro

I am a researcher in in Knowledge Representation, Logics and Databases. My main topics are Knowledge Representation for data quality and efficient algorithms for logical reasoning. I also have experience in other KG related topics, i.e., in Machine Learning for relation prediction, graph embeddings for similarity of entities and Information Extraction.

I worked in IBM AI, where I served as technology lead in projects focused on knowledge management, integration and reasoning. I currently work in Google NYC as a Ontologist in the Knowledge Graph Schema team.

The topic of my Ph.D. dissertation was efficient query-rewriting-based reasoning techniques for OWL2 QL and SPARQL. I lead a team in the development of -ontop-, a system that implements the ideas behind my dissertation (e.g., reasoning on virtual graphs, efficient mapping manipulation, efficient rewritings).

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My full CV can be downloaded here. More professional information about me can be found in my linked-in profile and in my publication aggregators.

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