My dissertation to obtain the title of Graduate in Biological Sciences was my first small investigation. It performs in decomposition of leaf litter of a native species and another exotic in streams of Patagonian steppe.
Also investigate the effect of the same on aquatic communities of macroinvertebrates and their use as food. Supervised by Dr. Ricardo Albariño and Dra. Veronica Diaz Villanueva, in the Limnology LaboratoryComahue University.

In my PhD I studied climatic variations of the last 1000 years in the area of San Carlos de Bariloche and Esquel. Also, I analyzed the effects of volcanic eruptions and climatic variations on communities of chironomids. The thesis is titled: "Subfosils Chironomidae (Insecta: Diptera: Chironomidae) as indicators of climatic changes and geological events of disturbance in sediments of Andean lakes of North Patagonia." Directed by Dra. Julieta Massaferro and Dr. Gustavo Villarosa. CENACNational Park Nahuel Huapi, CONICET.

Enjoing the magnificense of the Nature

Some activities I have done are:
Water sampling in lagoons; chemical analysis of lagoon waters (TOC, Alkalinity, pH, organic matter, chlorophyll, spectrophotometry, fluorometry); ash measurements, fall and dispersion mapping; survey of exotic plant species in native forest on Victoria Island; fruit sampling and germination of Rosa rubiginosa seeds; presence and coverage of Rosa rubiginosa on roadsides of different forest types and relation with light level; radiotelimetry and capture-recapture of Dromiciops gliroides; follow-up of fruit removal of Tristerix corymbosus by Dromiciops gliroides (count of fruits present and removed, and collection of Dromiciops gliroides feces); harvesting aquatic macroinvertebrates in Patagonian rivers; harvesting seaweed and macroinvertebrates on Chilean shores; taking of lake witnesses; fruit count of Berberis darwini; classification aquatic insects; measurement of physical characteristics and leaf degradation rates of Salix fragilis and Ochetofila trinervis; sub-sampling of lake witnesses.