The Joy of Resume Work

Writing a resume is like creating a work of art. Like writing a poem, a haiku:  given strictly limited
space and conditions, you say who you are, expressively.
It's a challenge.

Or like a sculpture: you keep building-chipping away here, moving this over there, trying out another
word or phrase or arrangement- until, voila! it works!

And it's like polishing silver, revealing the precious radiance beneath.

Or like washing off a mirror and seeing what you look like when examined from a fresh perspective.

A resume is like a sophisticated comic strip: you draw little word sketches of yourself, taking appropriate
license with the arrangements of dry "truth" to tell a higher truth:

-What makes you tick
-What motivates you
-What work your heart wants to do
-Where your hidden or not-so-hidden talents are
-What calls forth your passion and competence
-What you've done that makes you feel proud

And it's like a flattering snapshot: it captures you at your best, revealing your unguarded beauty.
When it's good, you've spilled the beans about an advance clue to your essence...
telling them what they really need to know...what's special about you.

Helping someone write good resume is very gratifying work... -Yana Parker