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Resume Resolutions

posted Dec 17, 2013, 2:07 PM by Marianne E. Green

The New Year 2014 is almost here! This is the perfect time to redesign your resume whether you are searching for a new job or just getting ready for whatever possibilities happen to come your way. 

Don't forget that resumes are dynamic, not static documents.  As you change and grow, with new responsibilities and new challenges, your resume should change and grow, as well.  Last year's resume is stale.  It may not communicate your new accomplishments and skills using fresh language and a refurbished structure.

Begin by making a list of your on-the-job and volunteer accomplishments of 2013.  Think about them in terms of 1) what CHALLENGE you faced; 2) what ACTIONS you took to meet the challenge; and 3) what were the RESULTS?

Did you save money or make money? Did you increase security, or decrease risk? Did you save time or add convenience? Did you acquire or retain customers? Did you increase productivity?  Did you improve quality?  Did you make life more fun or easier?

Provide hard evidence of your successes in the form of numbers, percentages, charts, graphs, evaluations, promotions, commendations, awards, grades, etc.

Use strong action verbs and compelling adjectives to frame your evidence.

Incorporate this new information into your resume. Compress or delete older information that is no longer relevant or timely.

Now your resume is ready to represent you in the New Year 2014!!