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Make No Mistake About It!

posted Jun 16, 2014, 5:45 AM by Marianne E. Green   [ updated Jun 16, 2014, 11:49 AM ]

Make sure your resume avoids these common errors! Keep in mind that resumes are first looked at by people (or robots) in a hurry. Resumes are tools for quickly and efficiently screening people out or in.
1. Flowery, cliche ridden, overly general objective or summary statements need to go. Power words should be carefully chosen for this important section.
2. Too much focus on job duties, rather than on what you accomplished on the job. Duties are what you were supposed to do.  But did you do a good job?  Prove it.
3. Using "I," "me," or "my." Everyone should know by now that personal pronouns have no place on a resume. Memoir- yes. Resume- no.
4. Listing information that is irrelevant. You may be proud of your prowess at skeet shooting but if it doesn't relate to the job, leave it out.  Your resume isn't your autobiography.
5. Forgetting to insert related key words. Make sure you use words from the job ad (in context!) on your resume. Automatic Tracking Systems are programmed to pick these up.
6. Neglecting to weed out typos and mis-used words. Typos indicate carelessness that employers fear might translate to your job duties.
7. Too long.  Streamline your resume for a quick skim or scan. There are piles of resumes to get through and you want to make it easy to find the salient information. (Don't throw out good material, though, in an effort to make your resume short.)
8. Using a functional resume that neglects specific places and dates. Employers are savvy about why people leave off specific information; they know you are trying to cover up gaps, age, or lack of experience. You are who you are. Better to be straight-forward.