About me

A pastor, preacher, mother, and follower of Jesus, I seek to follow God's call in my life.  Currently, I serve Starr Presbyterian Church as Pastor.

People describe me as passionate--about life, ministry, and most of all about my faith.  I believe that Jesus offers an alternative to the materialism of our culture.  I believe that serving others cures our own souls.  I believe that God wants to engage our minds as well as our hearts.  I believe that every person, of every age, has a part to play in God's work of changing the world. 

In my current call I help people to see how God is working in their lives.  I am also called to many roles including as a wife to Daniel Grano and mother to Diana Mae Grano and Joseph Peter Grano.  When I travel, I love to be in nature, and I enjoy exploring Michigan's lakes and rivers with my family on our kayaks.  I am also a crafty lady who enjoys knitting and sewing for my family, friends, and church.