- From the time at Aalborg University, Denmark 

Civil engineering student at Aalborg University, Denmark September 2003 - June 2008. 

I am currently in the process of writing my master thesis in Indoor Environmental Engineering at the Study Committee on Civil Engineering at Aalborg University, Denmark. I planned to finish my thesis in June 2008 and get my final exam.

My thesis is about natural ventilation in hospitals. The project is a cooperation with The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong where I will stay for 6 months (October 2007 - April 2008) to do the main part of my project.

The problem statement for my master thesis you can read here.

My projects from the 1st semester to 8th semester you can download in pdf format below. (The projects from 1st - 7th semester I will upload when I get back to Denmark (didn't bring them with me to Hong Kong) - sorry)

  • 7th semester (language: Danish)
  • 6th semester (language: Danish)
  • 5th semester (language: Danish)
  • 4th semester (language: Danish)
  • 3rd semester (language: Danish)
  • 2nd semester (language: Danish)
  • 1st semester (language: Danish)