In need of no one,  in want of nothing

SERIOUSLY:    I'm not in fact, eight feet tall.

I am Chewbacca! I am a wookie!

 I fight the empire! I fix the robots!

  You want a piece of me?


You want a piece of Chewbacca?



Preemptive FAQ:

Where's his bowcaster?

Laziness precluded its inclusion


What's that approaching shadow?

Sernpidal's moon.


Where's Falcon going/why isn't Chewbacca on it?

I'll tell you when you're older. 
      Sure, Wookies don't live on Endor, but don't ewoks live there?           
Tsst!  Only one may make that error.

"I hope that one day America could be more like Endor, where the Ewoks live. Endor is very cool.  They have trees and Ewoks, and barbecues, which is why I like Endor more than America."


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