Population: Tire 
 If they hadn't updated last week I was going to make my own episode.  Lucky me.

Can you feel the tropical breezes blow?


Everybody to the limit! 


"a tale as old as, say, the wireless web... or energy drinks, maybe." 

The first time I had put these all together, I actually had an emotional response to the progressive decimation.

(May have also been a response to ingesting of lactose and crippling gastrointestinal pain, but...maybe emotional.) 

I think Scott McCloud would call that "the power of sequential art".  I haven't had an art class since middle school though.


...I hope he doesn't end up in a hearse; at the cemetary;

'cause once again that would mean that he's dead:

The Cheat is not dead; I'm so glad the Cheat is not dead.*