Using projected visuals in the classroom


●● Introduction

●●Visuals in the classroom

●●Non projected visuals

●● Presentation software

●● Using digital images in the classroom

●● Using document cameras in the classroom

●● Overhead projector




Projected visual are detained as media design in which still images are enlarged and displayed on a screen .The types of projected visuals that we can use in the classroom are software, digital visuals and document cameras.

** Some general guidelines for using projected visuals


* Use visual variety.

* Rehearse your narration.

* Keep it moving and limit your discussion.

* Pause for discussion.

* Avoid irrelevant images.

* Test it visually.


The advantages for using projected visuals


  ·  Easy to create and use

  ·  Not projected for you and your students :It helps you on track

  ·  Supports inclusion of multimedia

  ·  Supports interactivity :it easy to go to any slide in the presentation

     or link one to included multimedia files

  ·  Fields multiple formats: Using the mouse to create handouts,

     notes pages, and outlines.


** Limitation


     * Just words: Many students are visual learners, so they may not

        learn if there are not   any visuals.

    * Too much on one slide: Limit the number of words on each slide

       up to 36 words.

    * Too many "bells and whistles": Irrelevant sounds can be