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"Let's Hijack Them!"

In the first part of 2009, I had awesome roommates. This was one of our adventures.

I usually walked to church with Addie, who shared a bedroom with me. One Sunday we were running late for church (Addie apologized...) so Leah, our roommate with a sprained ankle and a car, left about a minute before Addie and I did--for once. 

There was no way for Addie and me to get to church on time walking at a comfortable pace, and as neither of us wanted to run/speedwalk, we hurried down the stairs as fast as we could to catch Leah before she left.

When we reached the parking lot, she was just starting the car, and someone was climbing into the passenger seat.

And what did Addie do?

She said, "Let's hijack them!"

So I ran over to the left of the car while Addie ran over to the right, and we hopped inside at the same time.

Leah was surprised, shall we say? One minute she was starting the car, and the next the car was shaking and there were two people in the back seat.

Original blog post © copyright 2009 by Mariah B'Forre; modified/edited for this website in 2011.