Eye Witness

Private Eye's the name and private eye's the game. My human was a detective--sly, sneaky, and solitary. Us eyes were the human's most valuable features. We looked dark and suspicious in the mirror. As we were divided by a large and crooked nose, we were solitary, too.

Yes, the eye you see before you was a very private eye.

But one day, this all changed. Let me tell you the story.

It was a dark and stormy night. The human was slinking around corners and through puddles while water dribbled through my lashes. The human grumbled quietly. We were tracking Izik the Infamous. That ignoble ignoramus had indecently irked the King. This fellow was serious business, and the King had called out all detectives to track him. The one to find him would win fame and wealth untold.

Of course, my job was of utmost importance--spot the scalawag. Just as his trail was becoming clear to me, Dashing Detective Dan daringly cut us off in pursuit of the villain. Any attempt on my part to resume the chase would have been disastrous. There went our chance at fame. The human stood there in shock, batting my lid in a very bewildering way. How annoying. He knows that the lid is my job.

As we were standing there on the corner, my corner (eyes have corners, you know) spotted a flash of color against the dark night. Tracing its motion until the human's head turned to follow, there appeared to me a most beautiful creature. The human insisted on gazing at her tiny hands and dainty dress, but my plea won out and we looked up.

Just on my side of a freckled nose was the eye of my dreams: an iris the color of the deep blue midmorning sky, dancing and sparkling around a jet black pupil. My pulse raced. She stared back at me, and we were locked, lost in each other's brilliance.

Well, my human listened to me (without much prompting) and asked the girl and her eyes out. We all were soon gathered together in a church to be joined in matrimony.

Now, my dear wife brightens my life every day. My greatest joy is to glance into my sweet eye whenever the chance arises.

Private Eye's the name, but now, family guy's the game.

© Copyright 2010 by Mariah B'Forre