Miscellaneous Fiction

The Stories:

  • Eye Witness: This story was written as a first-person narrative without using the word "I."
  • In Which an Unusual Alliance is Made: This one is a fantasy story in a science-fiction sort of setting. This is definitely something that surprised me when I found myself writing it.
  • Mr. Rulean's Story: The Autobiography of a Sock Puppet: Mr. Rulean is the sock puppet I made once for a drama class. As I was developing his character, I found myself developing his back story as well. Finally, Mr. Rulean (Charles B. Rulean) dictated this story to me.
  • The Teacher: A pessimistic old historian is appointed to be the teacher of a happy young girl.
  • House Upon a Rock: A winged girl, Elspeth, comes to live with her uncle in a house upon a huge rock.
  • The Four Children on the Hill: A story of uncommon nonsense: In which we are introduced to four children who live mainly on blueberry pies and good advice.
  • Joseph's Song in Prison: A fellow prisoner in the Egyptian prison is surprised by Joseph's cheerfulness. (based on a Bible story)
  • The Rabbit Army of Sarah Underhill: After I showed a friend a picture of a Giant Chinchilla Rabbit (go find a picture if you haven't seen them before; they're not the biggest rabbits, but they are quite large!), she thought I should raise an army of giant rabbits. And so a story was born.
  • Heber's Story: This one came from a dream, and from current goings-on in my life that are quite different in details from the story but having similar characteristics.


  • A Fictional Rejection Letter: In case you were wondering, this is not supposed to be a satire. It was just an absurd idea that popped into my mind when I inadvertently mixed my dream with a daydream. My life as a writer wriggled into the mess somehow. Interesting things happen when my dreams influence my writing...