Ferdinard and Other Unexpected Fairy Tales (2009, out of print)

Ferdinard and Other Unexpected Fairy Tales features many of the classic fairy tales we know and love, but--I don't quite understand why Rapunzel is climbing the beanstalk with Jack. And why is the frog prince orange with purple polka-dots? And when did Snow White turn into Paper White? Follow Lark and Mariah as they explore the world of Long Ago, Far Away, and Off the Wall.

[update: 2017] This book is now out of print. However, I do have future plans for including some or all of these stories in another collection/other collections of stories. This may take some time as I am a busy student.

I wrote this book to try out something new. It was my first serious attempt at writing, and was more of a personal development thing than anything else. And it did help me out just enough to get by when I didn't have much money, so it was a good thing for me to have tried. However, after having made the experiment, I've found that writing for pay isn't really what I want to do. I write as a hobby and doing this for pay just makes my life unnecessarily complicated. This means two things: One, that I will have free digital copies of more of my writing available at some point (I plan to make ebooks available for at least my longer writing projects), and, Two, that (much as I prefer physical copies of books, myself) I will not be able to share physical copies of books and things as the difficulties in preparing a book for print are excessive for something that is merely a hobby.

Novemberish Explorations: Sky Snails (2013)

(Read for free by clicking on the link in the above title. Only available on this website. I might release it as a free pdf and/or epub eventually, so email me if you think I should!)

These stories are about Sky Snails, which like to wander around in the sky, leaving prettily-colored snail trails behind them in the air. They're extremely nonsensical (and sunset-colored) stories and are somewhat rough explorations. Not to mention that they're not exactly conventional, but that's not exactly surprising considering that I'm the one who wrote them.

Beauty and the Badger (WIP)

A mixture of the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast" and the Bible story found in Daniel chapter 4, with some changes to the fairy tale to make it more of a Mariah-story. :)

Paper Castle (WIP)


A vain and overly-ambitious magician, Henry Adolfus Snubnose V, builds a castle out of paper to live in as he takes over the world. Distant cousins Cole and Colleen Guardsman must make discoveries in magic to help them protect the king and kingdom and stop Henry before it is too late.

(I will post more information as the book comes along. Possibly even a better summary.)