Welcome to the Island in the Middle of the Afternoon!

IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT. The ship was lost at sea. I was on deck, battling against the wind, trying to reach the hatch. Suddenly, a shout rang out as a wave washed over the ship. The wave pulled me into the tossing sea.

I caught onto a passing piece of driftwood and resigned myself to my fate. I watched the ship bob over the waves, further and further away from me. It was quite fortunate that I had brought a notebook and a pencil, because I suspected I would be here for a while, and I did not wish to become bored.

My piece of driftwood and I floated along quite nicely. In fact, it did not take long to drift away from Nighttime, with its storms and troubled sleep, into Morning. From Morning, we floated into Midday, and then into Afternoon. The driftwood floated into a tree-sheltered haven and grounded itself on the beach of an island. The island was situated precisely in the middle of the Afternoon.

I went ashore to look for food and for a source of fresh water, both of which were much easier to find than I had expected. My notebook, though a bit damp, was soon dried out, and it did not take long to construct a shelter for myself. Yes, this island, here in the middle of the Afternoon, quite suited my tastes, much more than did that ship. My stories and drawings and I would be very happy here.