My name is Maria Giraldo, I speak Spanish and English, I'm a senior in the New York Harbor school. I'm part of the Marine Biology program in the school, right now I'm getting better at my skills with GIS (Geographic Information Systems). I enjoy doing GIS and in my opinion I think is really great to learn about maps, also maps are really useful. One of my passions are boats and I love working on them, learning how they work and learning about their engines, also I like getting my hands dirty with the work I do. Right now I'm in a club that's called Waterfront Club, it is a great club and I'm doing what I know how to do best. We do Hands-on work, sanding, painting and learning how to take care of boats. we learn how to splice lines. its a great experience if you enjoy being on a boat. I like to learn new things in life and experience different things.
Here are some examples of my work in Marine Biology (GIS Program).