Romeo and Juliet

Here are a set of resources to help you on the Romeo and Juliet part of your essay. It is best to have a blank sheet of paper or a new Google doc to make notes and collect any ideas you have as you work through these.
(**Remember as you go through this material, use to look up new words or phrases you come across and put them in your vocab books or Google vocab docs.)

A good place to start is to familiarize yourself with the play. Look at this 10 minute video summary or  text summary to start off with.

Next you will need to focus in on the scenes you need to write about. Here is a full online text of the play with annotations to help you. Which sections do you need to look at? A good thing to do it pick out 10-15 quotations you are going to focus on at this stage.

Writing the Controlled Assessment.

These resources are designed to help you with the specifics of writing the essay.

Sample essay plan.

Sample essay phrases to use 

Writing introductions prezi.

How to analyze language in Romeo and Juliet prezi

Sample Essays

Sample essays from exam board with examiners comments

Sample top band essay

3 essays on love in 'Romeo and Juliet.'

**Please read this for examples of acceptable and unacceptable notes for use in a controlled assessment.

Online resources:

To get a higher grade in this essay, you will need to come up with a more original interpretation of the play and one way to do this is to read other peoples interpretations of the play and think about how you might agree or disagree with them to strengthen your own view of the play.

Do some research online and read other interpretations of the play to formulate your own view, for example look at the analysis section here

**TOP GRADE TIP: Look at analysis like this, and pick out new analytical phrases you can use to express your own ideas more clearly and also think about how this interpretation fits in with your own view of the play -

eg. 'In this way, Rosaline haunts Romeo and Juliet. One can argue that Rosaline exists in the play only to demonstrate Romeo’s passionate nature, his love of love. For example, in the clichés he spouts about his love for Rosaline: “Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, sick health” (1.1.173). It seems that Romeo’s love for chaste Rosaline stems almost entirely from the reading of bad love poetry. Romeo’s love for Rosaline, then, seems an immature love, more a statement that he is ready to be in love than actual love.'

And here.

eg. 'In his concluding speech, Romeo is only able to describe his feelings for Rosaline through figurative language that he has learned from poetry books. His borrowed images of love as a religious quest suggest that his idealism has separated him from reality; he is in love with an ideal, not a real person. Also borrowed second-hand from the sonnets are his images of "looking" — his declaration that his eyes cannot delude him only proves that he is the stereotypical lover blinded by love. This paradox builds dramatic suspense for Act I, Scene 5 when he falls in love at first sight with Juliet.'

How can you use these analytical phrases to improve your own writing and express yourself more clearly? Do you agree with these statements? Do they give you some ideas of your own to write about?

More on the web:

Sparknotes analysis of Romeo and Rosaline (Scroll down to bottom of page.)