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Research interests

I obtained my PhD on Fluids Thermodynamics Engineering in 2012, at the TERMOCAL research group (Universidad de Valladolid). During this period I worked on the experimental determination of the density of non-conventional fuel gas mixtures by using a single sinker densimeter with magnetic coupling. These experimental results were important for the further development of the current equation of state for natural gas, in order to introduce the use of biogas and other non-conventional fuel gases.

I also had the opportunity to develop part of my work at two top research institutes: the Lehrstuhl für Thermodynamik, at Ruhr Universität Bochum (Germany), where I carried out measurements of the sorption of gases in polyols and MOF samples by using a gravimetric sorption analyzer; and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Boulder (USA), where I characterized the thermodynamic behavior of a new fluid for use in refrigeration and organic Rankine cycles.

In addition, during my PhD, I collaborated on the evaluation of the estimation of the potential of enhanced geothermal technologies for power generation.

During my postdoc at Lund University, I have worked on the use of mixtures in organic Rankine cycles, and the integration of organic Rankine cycles on ships. Following this last topic, I am currently work as a postdoctoral researcher at the Technical University of Denmark, aiming at a deeper study of the potential of organic Rankine cycles on board ships.

My research interests are focused on the sustainable power production from renewable energy or industrial waste heat, the thermophysical behavior of new working fluids, and the uncertainty assessment of their performance.

Recent publications

Prediction of properties of new halogenated olefins using two group contribution approaches

ME Mondejar, S Cignitti, J Abildskov, JM Woodley, F Haglind

Fluid Phase Equilibria

Uncertainty in the prediction of the thermophysical behavior of new halogenated working fluids

ME Mondejar, Frutiger J, S Cignitti, J Abildskov, G Sin, JM Woodley, F Haglind

Fluid Phase Equilibria

A review of the use of organic Rankine cycle power systems for maritime applications

ME Mondejar, JG Andreasen, L Pierobon, U Larsen, M Thern, F Haglind

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

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