Feminist Thoughts

Scribbles and observations towards a bigger world for sisters and daughters

My focus has been to ponder some of the conceptual and more intangible cans of worms in regards to the predicament of women and non-whites in our contemporary western society. Maybe mainly because I do not see myself as an effective organizer or politician, but also due to how these issues relate to my research in general.  Illegal as well as legal abuse and discrimination are sadly still abundant and systematic here in the 21 century. The current political climate reminds us that the basic battles are far from over. Further, the contexts of women's issues are constantly being manipulated and that lots of both practical and theoretical work is imminently needed both here and around the world to make issues manifest and thereby create a climate where we can improve conditions and rights.

I have a general interest in philosophically exploring how social practices are interwoven with our conceptions of both self and other and how social practices and individual meetings constitute specific social affordances, i.e. social action invitations and expectations. The social affordance space is inherently relational, a social interaction is not simply a string of independent actions, rather actions get their social meaning in a historically, culturally and psychologically loaded context and actions cannot be understood as properly social independently of the concrete meeting - the relational affordance space and power structures they are acted into. 

In regards to feminism I have long been curious to explore some areas where women engage in some degree of self-censoring and self-suppressing acts, and how these relate to both historical and current constraints and paradoxes of the present gendered and still largely male-dominated psychological and educational environment. Here are a couple of short - and slightly dated (2009-11) and myopically white cis feminist ponderings on:

  1. The biological incoherence of neo-liberalism and the "pro-life" stance 'Pregnancy - a paradox for ultra-individualism',
  2. The dangers of baby face masks in the public image called 'Botoxing Female Authority' and
  3. The value of women flirting with women entitled 'Beyond Bitches and Caregivers'.

Hopefully more scholarly and complex intersectional perspectives will arise as I work through the ideas.