Margriet van Engelen

Botenmakersstraat 82,

1506 TG Zaandam

The Netherlands

Phone: 0031(0)75 6356949

Educations:1987-1991 University of the Arts in Utrecht. (HKU)

Before the HKU in Utrecht:

Lessons ar the Art academy in Rotterdam and the Free Akademy in The Hague.

3 Years if casting bronze from Herman Joosten in Soest

General education: Atheneum A

Nursing A

After the Art Academy 

Art market explore at Amazone Foundation in Amsterdam HOVO philosophy courses at the VU in Amsterdam:

'The Evil"Rudiger Safranski, 'The human condition'Hannah Arendt, The fragility of the good' Matha Nussbaum'


With Jantine Hos, Kitty Weber and Paul Vermeulen for the project 'A New Beginning 'in the context of the North Holland Biennale, of which Veldwerk was a part.


Other activities:

1994 to 1997 Image correspondence with Edith Bons

2001 Participation in Rotterdam Cultural Capital, group exhibition in City of Rotterdam           Insurance.

2006 Curator of the group exhibition 'Paper'in the Kunstuitleen Alkmaar

2008- 2009 Member of the exhibition Committee in De Boterhal in Hoorn

2012  Member of the Board of Tengel (Foundation Independent Artists in Zaandam and            surroundings

2015 Curator of the exhibition '' Peace and Freedom'a wide-ranging exhibitionin which among others 35 visual artists and 30 poets participated in the context of the 70th memorial of freedom and the end of the war 1940-1945. For the promotion of this exhibition did she write short stories.

Member of Tengel :
Member of

Member of van Noega group Art Professionals worldwide

Member of Art collecting Network group

Member of:

Member of:

Member of Bos Fine Art Den Haag.

Member of Stichting Essentie 4+

Member of Stichting White Cube, now gallery Play Room

Member of Nicholson Art Gallery Brussel.

Member of ETN European Textile Network



1997 Group exhibition 'Goud op hout' Biblemuseum Amsterdam

1997 Group exhibition Fries Museum

2001 International Exhibition  'Rotterdam Cultural City' paticipating in a group exhibition in Stad      Rotterdam Assurancy, Rotterdam

2002 Holland Art Fair The Hague

2002 Leyden art Fair Leiden

2003 'Geduldig papier' Zaans Museum Zaandijk

2005 Kunst Event Art Fair Ahoyhallen Roterdam

2006 Holland Art Fair the Hague

2007 ID plus art, exchange with Belgium, Hamme Belgium

2008 Kulturmodell Art and artists exchange with Germany Passau Germany

2015 Curator and participatory of the exhibition "Peace and Freedom' in the context of the 70th memorial day  in Het Weefhuis Zaandijk

2016 Global Vilage traveling pop-up exhibitions at 3 locations: Zaanstad, Landshut(Germany), and Bronsby (near Copenhagen, Denmark)

2018 Participation in Biennale International du Art Facebook

2018 Participation in Seconda Biennale International du Art Museum Facebook

2019 Group exhibition 'Dutch artists" in Brussels (Belgium)

2019 "100 Years after Bauhaus" Essentie 4+ in Het Dingemanshuys Utrecht

2019 "100 Years after Bauhaus", Essentie 4+ in Zonnestraal in Hilversum

 A short summary of exhibitions:

2012        Solo exhibition Pulchri Studio                                                           The Hague

2012        Group exhibition Sculptures                                                              Gees

2013        Virtual art exchange with Russian artists in the

                context of the celebration of the Russian Year Zaanstad                 Zaandam

2015        Art Zaanstad                                                                                         Zaandam

2015        Manifestation Art Island                                                                      Zaandam

2016        Art Zaanstad artfair                                                                             Zaandam

2016        Participation in Art Manifestation Veldwerk (Part of Noord-

                Holland Biennale                                                                                   Wormer

2017        Group exhibition Art'n Toys  in Fort aan den Ham                           Uitgeest

2017        Group exhibition in the context of 'De Stijl'                                        Den Bosch

2017        Solo-exhibition in social Insurance Bank, Zaanda                              Zaandam

2018        Group exhibition Gallery Sous-Terre                                                   Aalsmeer

2018        Duo-exhibition with Christine Löw , BosFineArt                                The Hague

2019        Playroom Group exhibition 'Tengel Vrijstaat'                                     Zaandam

2019        Group Exhibition Bos Fine Art                                                             The Hague

2019        Manifestation 'Kunsteiland'                                                                   Zaandam

2020        Buble Art projects Hilton Paris                                                              Parijs (France)

2020        Grande Finale Bos Fine Art stock exhibition                                        The Hague

2020        Corona  Group exhibition Corona Time of Textiel Plus                       On line exhibition


Andere activiteiten:

An image correspondence that conducted in 1994 with a colleague born in Indonesia gave her the opportunity to get an insight into other cultures and she became interested in its influence on today's society. during her many travels she met people who told her their experiences what it is to live under a dictatorship, war and discrimination. She visited places related to this. they leave a deep impression as does the tragic story of a Jewish couple in hiding in the 2nd World War in the house where she lives now. A friendship with a trans woman and homosexual persons. These events are the inspirations for her art.

When she read about the wars from which people flee, she noticed how complex the causes were. Climate changes also appeared to play a role in this. she noticed that all changes are related. It is therefore necessary to build bridges so that people feel connected to each other. together we can solve major issues problems. What can an artist do about this? Determined to follow your dream, that is the power of imagination. Do not let yourself be controlled by fear of others. To tolerate is not accept. we must have confidence in the other person and also in ourselves. personal stories can tip the world. I believe it is important to think about the changes that give hope for a society where everyone can and may be who they are and what they are. art is like music. It can touch us. let us enjoy art and think about it!


Tengel Award 3e prijs 2011


Arthotheek Heerugowaard 1995

CIBA 1997

City of Rotterdam Insurance 2001

Zaanstad Art Center 2004

The Old Town Hall at Zaandijk 2010

Margriet's art works are in many private collections in the Netherlands and abraod.


Dagblad Zaanstreek 16-11-‘95

Helders Weekblad 1-4-‘99

“Kunst zonder rugwind”, Zaanse schilderkunst 1999, ISBN 90-71123-47-2

Flyer Stad Rotterdam Verzekeringen, in het kader van Rotterdam Culturele Hoofdstad 2001

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Klikgids 2002
Textiel Plus Najaar 2003

“Mooi Zooitje”, Het Zaans landschap verbeeld, ISBN 90-71123-76-6

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Noord Hollands Dagblad 26-1-2005
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Noord Hollands Dagblad 28-1-2006
Alkm. Courant 9-2-2006
Oegstgeestercourant 15-08-2007
De Zaankanter 1-4-2009
Zaans Stadsblad 1-4-2009
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Noordhollands Dagblad voor West Friesland 11-1-2010
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If then is now 28-2-2019

Zaankanter 20-3-2019