Bruce Margrett is a member of the Guild of One Name Studies

 and is registered as researching the names "Margrett" and "Margretts".
Bruce Margrett may be contacted by e-mail at
This Webb Site was last updated on 24th August 2016 with the addition of John William 1854, and just prior to that with George 1829, Charles 1870 and John James 1840.

Bruce Margrett began constructing this site in December 2012 and will be adding to it regularly as research progresses.  It's function is to share biographies of ancestors of Margrett Families.
Research into the family name began in 1981 and a Profile of the work can be found at
by entering the name MARGRETT in the search box.  You will be given a choice between "Profile" or "Contact details".

The Archives can be accessed after selecting the "Contact details" option. Available are -
Civil births - England and wales
Civil marriages -    ditto
Civil deaths -        ditto
Civil probate -       ditto
Census -   ditto 1841 to 1911 inc.
Newspaper reports
Passenger lists
Not yet available are archives of the events in Margrett families in Argentina and Australia where they have lived since before 1900 and continue to live.
Mostly annually, a  Margrett Magazine was distributed to about 70 families worldwide to share the latest discoveries and current family news.  Many of the biographies on this site are from articles already published.  From 1986 to 2012, research and family news has been published in 26 Margrett Magazines. Copies of each of these have been deposited with the British Library Copyright Office under ISSN 0269-0284, as well as with the Gloucestershire County Archives and the Guild of One-Name Studies.  
There is no confident explanation yet of the origin of the family name, and the three theories, the frequency and distribution of the name can be found described in the Profile at the Guild webb-site. In September 2015 a DNA  project was started by Bruce Margrett. The results currently only show that we are of European origin, and the hope is that further work will be more geographically specific. Hopefully, other males with the family name will be willing to also explore their DNA links and origins.
The national Census Returns of 1841 to 1911 give a pretty full measure of the number of actual people living at the time of each Census with the family name "Margrett" or "Margretts". The result of this extraction shows between 122 and 183 people, varying in each of the eight decades . The 2016 Electoral Rolls currently list 192 people with the family name in the UK. A small family line.