Marga van Mechelen lectures on theoretical issues and debates that are relevant for the contemporary art practice and put them in an (art)historical or philosophical perspective. In former years she taught courses on the history and historiography of Modern Art (Modern Art revisited/ Art since 1900) and the interdisciplinary courses: Abjection and Transgression in which art practices (visual, theatrical, literary and cinematographic practices) were discussed in relation to the theoretical concepts of Freud, Bataille and Kristeva, and another called Dutch art, culture and politics of the sixties and seventies. The last ten years most of her lecturing deals with art and globalisation, conceptual and media art.


- Semiotics and Art History (historiography)

- Modernism versus the Avant-Gardes and Post-Modernism

- Poststructural views on modern and postmodern art

- Word and Image relations in Conceptual Art

- Performance Art and performativity

- Contemporary and media art

- Abjection and Transgression (the theoretical approaches of Georges Bataille and Julia Kristeva)

- Dutch Art and Culture of the Sixties and Seventies

- Art and Globalization

- Thinking Contemporary Art (MA course)

- Video Art

- Conceptual Art

- Dutch Conceptualism

- Chinese contemporary art