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Teaching, Academic Services and Curatorial activities

- Chair of several committees of the Mondrian Fund 

- Member and Treasurer of the Board of AICA Netherlands

- Member of the Executive Committee of  International Association for Semiotic Studies (IASS/AIS)

- Member International Scientific Board of the International Association for Visual Semiotics (IAVS/AISV)

- Member of the Rubicon Committee SSH NWO 

- Member of the Visual Arts and Design Committee of the Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds

- Member of Visual Arts and Design committee of the Culture Council

- Member of the Board of Open Monumentendag Arnhem (Open Door Day for Objects ansd Subjects of Cultural Heritage)

Zero squared. Textile Museum Tilburg (exhibition with work of Jan Schoonhoven, Henk Peeters, Wil Fruytier, Loes van der Horst, Corrie de Boer, Ria van Eyk, Marijke de Goeij, Madeleind Bosscher, Marian Bijlenge, Lam de Wolf en Beppe Kessler)

Member of research group Sites of Memory


Rubicon NWO (The Netherlands Organisatio for Scientific Research)

Chair of the jury of the AICA award

Member of the Editorial Board of Underground Theory Stichting Interart

Expert meeting (organisation) Archives of Artists, April 15

Member Expert group Lectureship (lectoraat) Art and Reflection Artez

Member of the Committee Visual Arts of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

Advisor Sonsbeek exhibition

Member of the Board of the Dutch Society for Semiotics

Organisation of lectures and symposia on a regular basis  with  Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam

Member and vice-president of the Advisory Committee of the Municipal Museum of Arnhem. Now: the Museum of Modern Art Arnhem (MMKA)

Several administrative and organisational functions inside the University of Amsterdam

Member of the committee Teacher Training Programme of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam 

Secretary of the Platform for Semiotic Studies of the Faculty of Humanities, later merged into ISELK/ ASCA

Member Appointing Committee AIO’s (PhD's)(ISELK)

Member of the Supervisory Committee of PhD students 

Introductory and sequel lectures and seminars Semiotics

Chair of the Kommissie Externe Kontakten (Committee External Affairs) at the Art History Department of the University of Amsterdam; initiator and organizer of symposia, series of lectures, partly in cooperation with Maison Descartes, British Council and the Goethe Institute

Projects initiated by the Studium Generale of the University of Amsterdam (Crea): Viennese Fin-de-Siecle Culture; Futuristic views in art and architecture; The Fascination with the Abject in Sciences and the Arts; 

Contemporary Strategies of Feminist Artists (Faces of Laughter) with the Stedelijk Museum

Lectures and publications on the subjects of the bachelor and master theses, and on performance art

Meetings with artists mainly from former Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic-Slovakia)

Master programme Art History at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (prof.dr. W.A. Beeren/ prof.dr. H.W. van Os);
Master thesis: Language as Art-Art as Language. A Study on the Journals Art-Language and The Fox, 1978; close involvement with the international conceptual and performance arts

Philosophy of language, introduction in logic and linguistics by prof. dr. P.A.M. Seuren

Degree in subject related didactics KU Nijmegen

Bachelor degree in Art History  at the Catholic University of Nijmegen.

Administrative tasks ; close-involvement with political and cultural debates.

Programme design Museum Education and Teaching Training Programme in Art History

Bachelor thesis: De functie van taal in de conceptuele kunst (The Function of Language in Conceptual Art)

and several other executive and organisational activities.