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Education and Degrees

Present Academic Function

Assistant professor University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Art, Religion and Cultural Sciences; subject: Modern and Contemporary Art History. Research institute: Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis (ASCA).

Education and previous academic functions

- Final exam gymnasium B, Menso Alting College Hoogeveen.

- Bachelor degree in Art History  Catholic University of Nijmegen.
- Executive activities ; close-involvement with political and cultural debates.
- Program design Museum Education and Teacher Training Programme in Art History.
- Bachelor thesis: De functie van taal in de conceptuele kunst (the function of language in conceptual art). 

- Philosophy of language,  Logic and Linguistics by prof. dr. P.A.M. Seuren at the Catholic University of Nijmegen.
- Degree in teaching methodology, Catholic University of Nijmegen.

- Master program Art history at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (prof.dr. W.A. Beeren/ prof.dr. H.W. van Os);
master thesis: Language as Art-Art as Language. A Study on the Journals Art-Language and The Fox, 1978;

Close involvement with the international conceptual and performance art.

- Part-time lecturer Catholic University Nijmegen, department Art History; 
master courses in theory and methodology of art history.

- Full-time lecturer in the History of Art at the Teacher Training Program Stichting Lerarenopleiding Utrecht, 
Courses in Medieval Art and Architecture; Renaissance Art and en Architecture; 19th  Century Art and Architecture; and Modern Art and Architecture.

- Visiting lecturer University of Sao Paulo, Faculty of Art and Communication, Brazil. Seminar on the Aesthetics of the Ugly (Rosenkranz), the Formless (Bataille) and the Abject (Kristeva) and the meaning to the art of the 19th  and 20th century.



Master degree Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

- Doctoral degree University of Amsterdam (supervisor prof.dr. P.W.M. de Meijer, professor Italian Language and Culture, former Head of the University of Amsterdam)