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Paper Guidelines

Conference sessions will all take place at Northern Arizona University,  Flagstaff, Arizona,  Liberal Arts Building  Room 321 (History Department Conference Room).   This room is equipped with a media center including PC, projection system, and white boards.    

The conference planned for June of 2016 will be mainly on the history of 17th-18th century philosophy,  however papers need not address topics or views specifically relating to the work of Margaret Wilson. 

The hallmark of the conference series is the friendly, informal nature of the group.   Each conference in the series has its own unique flavor, as no two conferences have the same component participants or location, but all have been relatively small conferences and all have been friendly.   Due to the fairly "remote" location, this conference is expected to have only about 20 participants, including a few from NAU.  

Titles as known so far are listed in the program section of this website, but the speaker may change the title at any time before, during, or even after the presentation (if you want to re-label what you actually told us about!).   The program will be archived on this website as previous programs have been.   

Exact time constraints for sessions depend on the overall program.  Tentative estimates at the present time are that sessions should each take no more than an hour.  Presentations may either allow discussion at the end, or interspersed with presentation, as the presenter prefers.   

Sessions at past conferences have ranged the gamut from formal papers, to drafts of works in progress,interspersed with discussion, to discussions on a particular topic in which the presenter just throws out a few ideas or gives out a copy of a few interesting texts and leads a discussion.   Each type of session has proved to be very valuable at past conferences (and it is expected that the future will resemble the past).   

It is recommended that if you are presenter who wishes to give a handout, you should bring the copies along with you, as we cannot guarantee that NAU will be able to provide any copy service.  

There are no official commentators for sessions.   We've found in past conferences that lively discussions are readily generated without having people assigned to comment. 

Volunteers to serve as session chairpersons are welcome.  Please contact the conference email at if such a job appeals to you.