Notes to Participants for the June 15-17 Conference:
  We will provide transportation from the DoubleTree Hotel (10 Flint Road) to Park Hall, the site of the conference.   It is a walkable distance (about 1.5 miles?) but we'll have some cars available for this.  The DoubleTree has a large canopy/ covered park place at the hotel entrance.  The first "shuttle car" will arrive at 11:15 am at the canopied entrance.  Look for the "MW conference" sign.   I will do at least one shuttle run and Josh Merlo will also do one, arriving at about 11:20 am, and there may be other volunteers to provide transportation as well.   
  Please check the program for your talk and if you want/ need to switch the time of your talk, let us know.
   Evening events:   Friday, June 15 might be a good time to go to Niagara Falls if you'd like to go.  If you are interested in driving there and would like to have other participants come in your car, or if you would like to be a passenger coming along, you can let us know now or at the conference.  You can think about which type of evening you would like, so that people in each small group in a car agree on plans for the evening:   (1) short trip, just to see the falls (maybe getting a subway sandwich or other portable eats before going), or (2) longer evening, to have a restaurant dinner at the falls
   Saturday, June 16 in the evening:   an informal (picnic-like) group dinner will be provided.  We'll set up  car pools for this as well.  More details will be provided at the conference.    

The 8th Margaret Dauler Wilson Philosophy Conference will be held in June of 2018.  The focus of the conference will be 17th-18th century philosophy.   The conference will be held in Western New York, at the State University of New York at Buffalo, on Friday June 15, Saturday June 16, and Sunday June 17.    More details about the conference will be announced on this website.

There is no registration fee for this conference, but we do ask that you notify the conference e-mail (mdwconference@gmail.com) of your intention to attend, since this will help greatly in conference planning.
This conference series in philosophy honors the memory of Margaret Dauler Wilson, a philosopher who stimulated much interest in the history of Early Modern philosophy.    She helped elevate the study of 17th-18th century philosophy to a higher plane of philosophical engagement and historical accuracy.   Teaching at Princeton University for 28 years, Professor Wilson was known for her genuine interest in students and the versatility and depth of her intellectual interests.   She loved to travel;  her international stature as a philosopher took her to speaking engagements in many countries, while her avid interest in natural environments and wildlife led her to Antarctica, Alaska, Africa and many other places.   

The conferences aim to foster friendly discussion of the history of early modern philosophy in a variety of locations near scenic areas. Six different states  (Arizona, Vermont, California, New York, Colorado, and New Hampshire) have been the sites for conferences in the series so far.    The eight conferences so far in the series have alternated eastern and western USA locations.        

Conference organization email:   mdwconference@gmail.com