Honorarium Art Installation for Burning Man 2017

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Margareta Appalachia will be an 18-foot tall sculpture of a woman in Korean dress, carrying a drum, wearing a West Virginia amulet, and flashing a peace sign.

Her flowing traditional-style dress will be decorated with shards of West Virginian coal tailings affixed into a repeating ornamental pattern. 

A wooden mine shaft will be built into the train of her dress which snakes across the playa behind her; this mine shaft will allow participants to access her interior, in which will be a sound + sculptural installation of a Carboniferous rainforest, rising out from the glittering black coal mine walls.
Participants may sit & experience the laughter & hopes of Appalachia, as told by the echoes of its natural and industrial past, and will present the dreams and wishes of West Virginian burners gathered from the regional burn, Frostburn.

This piece is inspired by my sister Margaret Eros (1973-2001).
  A film celebrating her brave and inspiring life will be projected on the sculpture nightly, and her voice will be heard in a sound collage.

We are planning to theatrically burn the piece (including the coal) at dawn toward the end of the event, at Burning Man 2017, "Radical Ritual", with a special surprise reveal to celebrate reunion.

On Playa...

Eros and Dust...

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