JP) 2006.12.15. RTL Boulevard



Il Divo (Urs Bühler) on RTL Boulevard, Dutch


Urs: I feel at ease with the Dutch people, especially here in Amsterdam because that's how I know the Netherlands. I know that the Netherlands is bigger than that and when you go to the east of the country maybe there it's totally different, but what I know of Amsterdam is that I feel very much at home here.

Then David talks (in English ofcourse)

Urs: When I was a teenager -before I graduated from school- I didn't want to participate in a boyband, I wanted to join a rockband. After school everybody went to another University and we all went our seperate ways.

I wasn't a party animal, I never smoked, never smoked a joint. That sort of things I've never done. Everybody was jealous because I lived in Amsterdam and I didn't do all those things. It's really nothing for me.

About his clothes Urs said: this is what I wear at work. It looks good, but it's not comfortable to wear. If I'm not working I wear jeans and a shirt or something like that.

About his former girlfriend Jacky van Oppen Urs said: I lived with her for 3 and a half years. I don't have an address of her. If she still lives at the same address then I know where she lives, but I even haven't her phone number. I'm curious what she is doing at the moment with her life because I haven't spoke to her for a very long time.

After that you see the hosts in the studio. They say that they are amazed how good Urs is speaking Dutch. They told also that Urs was going on talking in Dutch and David, Carlos and Seb had enough with it (not in a bad way) because they didn't understand it and they left them alone and let him finish the interview hahahahaha....




私はパーティー好きではありません。煙草も吸わないし、ドラッグも決して吸ったことはありません。これまで、そういうことはしたことがないです。私がアム ステルダムに住んでるのを、みんなに羨ましがられましたがね。でもそういうことはしませんでした。私自身のためになりませんから。」