Personal Note Centre

For people with desktops full of text files... 





How often does it not happen: you're searching the net for info on a certain subject, and while doing so, you happen to stumble on something you think "might come in handy later". The only thing not so handy is the fact that it's very hard to keep track of your notes, especially when you give them cryptic names like "jgbffgbdfs.txt" just so you can get on with your search.

And then, when you need the information you stored so you could use it later, you can't find it, wherever you look.

This is where my Personal Note Centre comes in!!!


As you can see, PNC features a highly intuitive interface, and an easy-to-use tree view to organize your notes. Not only that, but it also has several database functions integrated as well, such as a searchengine that allows you to search the current note, titles in the database and also text in the database. Quickly converting or inverting the case of selected text is an option too.

And finally, using PNC you will always have your useful info with you, in the form of nothing more than the application of ~440 KB and your note database as a .txt file.

Have fun!