Alzo Incorporated

Enter the world of MMP, APM, PNC and much more to come... 




 Alzo Incorporated is actually only one person who likes programming, and chooses to share his inventions with whoever is interested.

The programs I made are primarily designed to make working with your (OK, "my") computer a bit less cumbersome, or just for plain entertaining purposes. The ones who I think succeeded in their purpose are listed here on my site.


Finally, if you think I might aid you as well with custom-made programs, you can mail me through the link at the bottom of this page. 

Marfdaman Mediaplayer (MMP)




Marfdaman Process Manager (MPM)


 Personal Note Centre (PNC)



Mobile Commander



Startmenu Enhancer



Alzo... Virtual Keyboard




Marfdaman Window Title Changer (MWTC)

Marfdaman Access Restricter (MAR)



Marfdaman File Info Changer (MFIC)