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MAREX is an exporter of used heavy equipment primarily from Japan and also other parts of the world. You are wellcome to be our customer.Please make sure to check our terms of trade.

EXPORT OFFER TERMS: We are primarily exporting to wholesalers and importers and sometimes to end users . End users however should understand that ,unlike for new equipment, no warranty is provided on sold equipment. All export offers are subject to the undermentioned Export Offer Terms:

1.EQUIPMENT CONDITION: MAREX takes the utmost care to ensure that the actual condition shall be fully reported to the customer at the time of the inspection,with detail photos if required.Nonetheless , our valued buyers need to understand that all machines are sold on AS IS terms without warrantee. *Spare Parts enquiries: We accept parts orders but second hand parts can only be offered when readily available at the time of enquiry. Spare parts enquiries are primarily accepted on new parts .

2.INCOTERMS: We are able to offre FOB , CNF or CIF based on the customer`s request. -FOB:Machine charge, Delivery charge to the shipping port ,loading charges and custome charges.Important: Our shipping companies only accept prepaid terms which means that the ocean freight charges to the export destination needs to be paid in advsnce by the importer. -CNF:Machine charge, Delivery charge to the shipping port ,loading charges,export custom charges , ocean freight to the shipping destination. -CIF:Machine charge, Delivery charge to the shipping port ,loading charges,export custom charges , Ocean Freight to the shipping destination,Insurance Policy *Important Note: Additional Fees may be incurred such as : Logistics fees, Dismantling Fees, Special Washing Charges, Emergency Repair Charges needed to complete the export.In such case these charges will be included in the FOB charges of the machine.

3.PAYMENT TERMS: -Currency:All payments are accepted in Japanese Yen.Please inform us in case you can only pay in USD or EURO. In these case the Japanese Yen Value will be the base and payments will be converted to Japanese Yen at the market rate TTB at on the day of the arrival of the payment in our bank . Please note that MAREX is not responsible for exchange rate fluctiations ,this risk is to be taken by the importer . -Form of Payment: T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) in advance for the full value of the machine or quoted Invoice Value at 100%.Credit Cards ,Letter of Credit or Personal Checks cannot be accepted.

4.Delivery : We can arrange transportation in sea Containers ( 40feet dry, 40 feet High Cube or 20 feet dry ) . RoRo Shipments are also possible. Please note that we are not responsible for shipping rate fluctuations or ship cancellations made by the shipping companies.The payment of any increse in shipping charges is the importer`s responsibility. We will do our best to offer the most compact vanning to satisfy customer`s needs but customers are primarily asked to accept our loading proposal.