Kids with hidden disabilities in your classroom

What are the legalities?  What are the realities?


These pieces of legislation are the basis for the rights of persons with disablities.



IDEA  is the special education statue that includes free, appropriate, public education with the least restictive enviroment.

Section 504 requires any agency, school or institution receiving federal financial assistance to provide persons with disabilities to the greatest extent possible, an opportunity to be fully integrated into the mainstream.

ADA extends coverage of section 504 to employment, public and private educational institutions, transportation providers and telecommunications, regardless of presence of any federal funding.

The enforcement of these statues falls under the aupices of the Office of Civil Rights and the Department of Justice as outlined on this site.  Office of Civil Rights OCR

Gaskin v. Pennsylvania  Gaskin, et al.  won damages and reimbursement of legal fees as part of the agreement in their case against PDE on issues regarding their treatment of disabled students. This case took ten years to deceide.

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