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About Marc Wellman

     M Y   V I S I O N


My art speaks from a place beyond my vision, beyond my touch, a place that I travel to during the creation.  The results belie the travails that it took to see that  birth.  Every piece I do has a difficult birth, but upon awakening to the world, it sets out on its own path.   I set it free upon completion to find itself.

I rarely look behind, as the future beckons to me, so my work does not follow a dedicated style.  It touches upon several genres of art.  My abstracts speak with the power of my soul, and by viewing them, you are viewing my very soul, naked and unprotected.


I follow my own path, certainly a less traveled one, and my art stems from my experiences both good and bad. My journey is far from over as I enter the late afternoon of life, and I shall continue on my journey of discovery and in doing so, discover myself.