the never more than promised
          the never worked for   Orpheus night-
riding dark matter   Mercury’s shoes winging it   these backwater illusions   

stories from the ether   at the beginning of art   of music humming before words         

the discovery of harmony   Der Zwieklang   this dual-stream of immortality

your finger paintings   more pipe dreams than shadows   

the never more than promised   than never wanted   the eddies   whirlpools      
whirlwinds   pockets of nothingness  drawing you back   the before   the nothing

drawing you back   even as creative impulse stirs   creature comforts sooth
for the moment   you look a picture   familiar in your mother’s shawl

that something borrowed you never returned

and we too are mythology   you and I   living on in expectations   
history’s sing-song    we pray for beginnings   like the Buddhists

who have it down   it’s better to live again transmorphed    even if only
as a moth flickering   as a bat-bait changeling   inspiration for gods’ wings

the nevermore than promised   never wished for   the once lost

always just beginning   regained again  the once and   nevermore


Marc Vincenz